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The Inner Me

One of the reasons I love working with children so much is because my inner child gets to come out and play.

She likes to sing; she wants to be silly, imaginative, creative, active, and so much more.

She also likes to be held,

She wants to be heard and to be validated.

She likes to be supported and to know she is safe.

She needs to be reassured that all the trauma she endured was due to the unhealing of the family and friends she was around and not because of her personality.

She needs to know that all those things that happened have shaped her into such an incredible, loving, thoughtful woman today.

She needs to know that people are proud of her, and she is so very loved.

She can see why everything happened but also knows she can feel the pain.

She knows she is safe now to express her pain, feel her pain, and shed all the tears, the anger that wants to come out.

All of the emotions that she felt weren’t safe to express are now allowed to come out.

Even though she loves to play, it is now time to heal. It is the time for her to let anything that she wants out to flow; it is safe to do so.

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