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Ripple Effect

You know it's funny when you look back and realize all the crap you took from someone and then ask yourself, "what the **** was I thinking?" Which can relate to friends, family, and past partners- even though some relationships were just out of this world, I am still very thankful for all of them because they all taught me something and got me to who I am today. During my walk today, I was thinking about one of my past relationships and thought to myself, I wouldn't be where I am spiritually today if they did not help open my eyes more. They did this by lending me a book called Celestine Prophecy. This book shines the light of all the events happening in the world as we speak and shines the light on all the beautiful gifts we humans have; all we have to do is learn about them and then tune into them. The Celestine Prophecy is such a lovely series that I highly recommend.

It's super interesting how this one relationship and this one book can change your life's path. I mean equally, I was very much in the party faze at the time, but that type of wisdom stays in your subconscious until your conscious mind is ready for it.

Which also correlates to the ripple effect that we tend to hear about. If you start to heal, that positive effect will ripple out and begin to touch the people around you. It's truly amazing to see the divinity of it all. Which then got me thinking about the ripple effect we can see here in Canada. The Premier of B.C. decided that they would shut all gyms down again. These gym owners could not understand how closing gyms down made any sense, so they fought back. Many gym members and non-gym members came to support this gym; the pushback got so big that the premier decided gyms were allowed to remain open.

We then see/ hear about the "Truckers Unity Convey" a few days later. These truckers are so tired of all the mandates and things that are just not making any logical sense, and they said: "enough is enough." These truckers realized that they hold power; our country needs them to distribute everything we consume. They have been planning this convey for six months now, with over 30 000 truckers united to end the mandates. It's incredible to witness and see how powerful that one thing can make such a massive difference in the people around you, your community, and the world. That one thing can change your life and even the people around you. Yet, we tend to sell ourselves short when doing things like mediation, yoga, smiling at someone, complimenting someone. We do not think of the grand skim of things, but that one thing can create a tremendous ripple effect that can help so many.

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