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Full Speed Ahead

I have been on an accelerated path in my healing journey- there have been so many triggers coming up for me throughout my day that it feels overwhelming and chaotic. When I think I have overcome that trigger, it will appear differently the next day, almost like, “ are you sure you released it, healed it?” I have been stretched in many ways, where light is illuminating in my darkest shadows. I am a person who does not recall a lot of my childhood- this was my mind's way of protecting itself. When people used to talk about their childhood so freely and were able to recall so much detail, it made me envious that they could remember because I couldn’t. I am in such a space in my healing journey where I love myself, and I am in multiple communities that are telling my nervous system that it is okay, safe to remember, safe to release, so that’s what it's been doing.

It isn’t easy; some days I feel like throwing in the towel, but I know that all these lower energies, all these lower frequency traumas, are now coming out to be released so that love can come and replace them,

I have been connecting with so many conscious-loving people, and I am being asked to raise my vibration to meet theirs.

How do you raise your vibration?

By healing, releasing, and purging those old thoughts and belief patterns. By doing your inner work, your shadow work, and permitting yourself to let it all go with love and gratitude.

When things come up, maybe it is something you haven't thought of since high school or even elementary school; just know they are coming up to be released. Whatever emotion you are feeling, do not judge your emotion, do not stop the emotion from flowing; allow yourself to feel it thoroughly so that it can leave your system.

Remember, you are powerful, you are unique, you are love, and you are loved. You got this <3

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