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Us Moms have been put on the back burner for far too long! When it comes to what we would like to do, it is one of the first things we will push back. We will say, " I will start this fitness program tomorrow," Or " I will work out later."


But by the time that later comes, we are far too tired from the long day we had, that we don't end up doing it. So our children will always be our priority, and even though we have our own needs, we will put ours on hold to attend to theirs. 

We, Moms, deserve to treat ourselves; we deserve to give our minds, body, and soul the self-love we crave! 

This can be done without feeling the "Mom Guilt" because our little ones can join us!

This will be a loving community for us moms and our children to feel nourished, supported, and loved. 

We can create a stronger bond with our children (s) and create bonds with the other Moms in our group. 


It is time to start taking care of yourself. I see you, Mama, I see how hard you try to make everything run smoothly in your house. I see the shame, the guilt, the pure exhaustion. I see you, Mama, let me support you, let me help nourish your soul, and help build yourself back up. 



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