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Welcome Beloveds,

My name is Christine, and I am a single Mama to a beautiful baby boy named Jasper. My sweet boy is what has helped me walk into this beautiful soul path that I am on now. Before this journey I was in school to become a kindergarten teacher, I was someone who was always working with children, I loved that when you looked into a child's eyes, you can see the purity of them, and I knew that I wanted to help morph these souls into their most excellent versions of themselves. Once the pandemic hit, I knew that I wanted to help children still, but I knew that it wasn't going to be in a regular school setting, I then went to learn Trauma-informed children's yoga, and taking this course opened the door to what I truly wanted to do. I realized how much I wished I was taught these skills growing up, especially navigating the traumas that I did. I knew these skills are extremely powerful for families especially children to have, especially during these times. 

Our society has created a way that for us parents we feel " clueless'. I know I felt that way after having my son and being on my own raising him in a new town/ new province away from my friends and family when he was only 2 months. My son Jasper had severe silent reflux, and from his illness, I felt hopeless, I felt lost and confused, and I was looking at western doctors to help us, but we were left to fend for ourselves.

I was then catapulted into this huge healing, self-discovery, and unlearning for myself, I went on a huge accelerated path of healing. 

On the other side, this made me realize that we moms know our children the best, we are truly connected to our babies, and our society has trained us to be disconnected, fearful, and looking for the answers outside of ourselves, our intuition. 


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Sensing Angelic Energy - Male hands reaching up into a beautiful pair of golden Angel wing

Family Backyard

A whole family affair- Every Sat evening 
Reiki, Crystal Sound Healing, Frequency medicine & more!


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Mommy & Me Yoga Class

Gaining tools to rediscover your intuition 

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Reiki & Frequency Medicine Sessions

Reiki treatments infused with frequency medicine by a device called " Healy"

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Add a HEaly to your tool-box 

Would you like to have your very own healy for your family's wellness? 

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My intention is for me to help reconnect you with your intuition, to be able to feel supported enough to heal, and to reconnect with your divine gift, a gift that will allow you to feel confident in your decisions for you and your family! Feel confident enough to know if something doesn't feel right, you will trust that feeling no matter what society says. It is time for us Mamas to have the space to develop our intuition, and also learn to trust what it's telling us. 

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